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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Goals for the year.

On my personal training blog recently I've written about the importance of goals, and of the importance of making these goals known to people as a means of holding yourself accountable to them. Well in the interests of practicing what I preach here's my major goals for the year.

Qaulify for the Australian Team to run in the 100km Commonwealth Championships being held in the Lake District in September. In communication with the selectors from Australia I've been informed that if I can run the distance in a time of less than 8 hours it should be sufficient for me to make the team. I am targeting the Celtic 100km as the race in which to do that. Held in Galway on March 28th it also doubles as the UK and Irish 100km Championships.

I am aiming for 7 hours 45 minutes just to be sure but deep down I think if all goes well I can sneak under 7 hours 30. This would mean running 4 mins 30 sec per kilometre for 100km, equivalent to running a marathon in 3hours 10minutes, then doing it again and doing almost half of it again. The UK Champion Jez Bragg (see blogs) has a pb of 7.02 so I wont be challenging for the win with a time that quick but hopefully will make the Australian team.

Some of you have already asked if that will be easy since I've already run 100 miles. Well the big difference is the speed. During an off road 100miler you get to walk the hills and the up and down nature of the course breaks up the pace quite a lot. The 100km is dead flat so it's a matter of finding a pace and trying to maintain it as long as possible.

The scenery will be a bit different - it is a 2.5km out and back course which means 20 laps! Not exactly exciting stuff and a far cry from the Alps or english countryside of the Peak District. Normally I'd stay right away from this type of race but the chance to represent your country doesn't come around very often and only for a small select group of people so I felt I had to seize the oppurtunity whilst I can.

So training for the next couple of months will focus on back to back runs friday and saturday running 35-45km at 4min 30 pace or quicker to get the legs used to running that pace for a long time when they are already tired.

So that's my goal - what about yours? Love to hear about peoples goals so let me know.


Tim said...

Hi Andy, always appreciate your posts on the WHW forum. I set myself a goal (sub 22hr for the WHW) back in December but that's already looking like it's blown out of the water by back problems which have stopped me running.

That said, it might not be impossible but you can never plan for the unexpected. Still, best of luck meeting your goals!

Julien said...

Pretty though goal Andy! Best of luck for that.

I've registered for the Petite Trotte a Leon (the kind of super-UTMB) this year. My goal is simply to finish with the full team.